The Little Details

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We’ve all heard the expression “the devil is in the detail.” When it comes to wedding preparations, this is the truth. We often forget the seemingly small details, and when these details do come to mind, it is often too late to do much about them. These details, as little as they may seem, are so easily forgotten, and can be very upsetting. As a wedding planner, there are certain items that I insist the bride and groom hand over at least 2 weeks before their wedding. If they are not handing these items over to me, then to the matron of honour or maid of honour – or a reliable person who will not forget these on the wedding day.



The Wedding Rings and Ring Cushion

So, traditionally the best man is in charge of the rings. If he is of sober habits, then this may not be a problem. But let’s just say that the boys decide to have their bachelors’ party the night before the wedding. And let’s just say the party continues through the night. This means you will either have a badly hung-over team of groomsmen, or worse, a drunken team of groomsmen. If you anticipate that this may be a challenge, then let your matron of honour look after the rings – and the ring cushion if you have one.


The Flower Girls’ Baskets

Who cares if you forget the flower girls’ baskets? Well, if you’re a typical bride, you have dreamt about this day for years, and your dream included 2 gorgeous little girls walking down the aisle before you, sprinkling rose petals as they go. You need to make sure that your wedding planner either has these waiting at the venue, or your matron of honour has these with her.


The Cake Knife set and Accessories

In Zimbabwe, a traditional cake cutting ceremony requires more than just the fancy cake-knife and cake lifter. Traditionally, you need a bowl and jug, and a dish towel, for washing your hands, as well as some trays or platters to be used when presenting cakes to your parents and VIP guests. Well, these days the bowl and jug have been replaced with hand-sanitiser or wet-wipes, and paper towels! Either way, hand these over before the wedding day.


Unity Candles, Candle Stands, Candle Lighter

We often go out of our way to order beautifully personalised unity candles, then the day before the wedding, or on the wedding day, we realise that these candles need candle stands. Worse still, when the time comes to light the candles, there is no lighter – and a box of matches comes out of the pocket of one of your guests if you are lucky.


If you do not have a wedding planner, assign a reliable person to ensure that your little details are taken care of. Make sure this person is of sober habits, and give them a checklist of things you would like them to take care of. They seem so minor, but they can easily put a damper on your day if forgotten. Get the little details right – they make a big difference.

Rufaro Mushonga – Wedding Planner


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